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Aerobics Class
an acai bowl with acai, granola on top, and fresh friuts on top of the two layers

"The best strategy we got is just to add in the good stuff!

Eventually it's going to crowd out the bad stuff."

~ David Wolfe (Hungry for Change Film)


Fresh Healthy food
for everyone

Conveniently located in the Riverside Winston YMCA, BlissFuel offers an array of FRESH juices, juice cleanse programs, smoothies, salads, Acai bowls and other healthy bites and drinks for its members. Online ordering available.....

green juice in a glass with a variety of fruits and veggies surrounding it
Fresh-squeezed juice

the juice bar Logo

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Robert Urich


orange colored fresh juice in a glass with beets and ginger root in the background
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